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McDonald’s “Virtual Reality”

McDonald’s new ‘virtual reality’ toys for happy meals: so children can access both junk food and exercise-free entertainment

Here’s the sad reality of a society in demise: McDonald’s is on the verge of unleashing its new virtual reality (VR) happy meal boxes. That’s right; children all over the world are going to have a happy meal box wrapped around their faces, as a virtual reality screen inside the box takes children (and adults) out of the now and into some virtual fantasy-land.

I have to disagree. Society is not in a demise unless people feel like society is in a demise. The people make up their own society based on what they can tolerate. Just like any other business, McDonald’s sels a product that people CHOOSE to buy from. As far as the market is concerned, virtual reality (VR) is becoming more popular and lots of technology companies are emplimenting the technology based on the popularity by the market who’s willing to pay for its experience. If what the market freely CHOOSE to purchase is a “sad” reality, then that depends on your view of having the freedom of choice.

It’s hard enough trying to communicate with a generation that is intoxicated on iPods, iPads, GPS devices, cell phone texting, Smartphone this, I-Phone that. Imagine trying to walk among the next generation of the living dead, who have McDonald’s virtual reality boxes strapped to their foreheads. No one will be listening or interacting like human beings, and the emotions of all will be numbed out, the soul of a generation suffocating.

I have to defend this generation here for a second; not every person in this particular generation is intoxicated by modern technology. I assume that the baby boomer generation was “intoxicated” by the modern technology of color TVs and tape players among all gadgets to the previous generation. However, I know a few “millenials” who actually use these technological portals as tools to get self educated on careers and skills they choose to enhance their lives and way of living. And yes, they even interact with others as human beings. Regardless of what the “masses” choose to do, there will be those who will continue to express their emotions and interact with nature.
McDonald’s has been poisoning children’s brains for decades now with chemical (fake) food, but future generations are going to be able to finger through the grease and then tune out of reality completely, losing their minds in the happy meal box (which will reek with the stench of fried grease).

The golden arches are going to welcome the next generation into a future of blind obedience, where liberty, freewill and connection to one another is drowned out. As the virtual reality takes hold, human touch, eye contact and listening ears will fade away. Man’s connection to the natural world will be lost forever. The developing brains of the next generation are going to be programmed to follow and obey like never before – their blind obedience dwarfing the mindlessness of the TV generation that came before.

Free thinkers will be forced to comply with the norms of society, no questions asked. Virtual reality is one way to shield people from the hard realities of the world, leaving them incapable of adapting and rising to meet challenges. The current generation is already dependent minded in so many ways, and disconnected from the laws of nature. It’s heard in the whimpering of young people, who no longer want to work for, pay for, or be responsible for their own education, healthcare, childcare, etc. They think they have a “right” to these aspects of life, and are unwilling to take the responsibility to provide for themselves.

The new McDonald’s virtual reality goggles are being unleashed in Sweden during a local skiing celebration called Sportlov. The goggles will cost consumers only $4, and are incorporated into an empty happy meal box that is broken down and folded into place. The first 3,500 happy meal virtual reality boxes will be sold at 14 stores across Sweden between March 5th and 12th, 2016. The virtual reality is meant to work with a person’s phone, which is inserted into the headset. A game is downloaded on the phone, allowing the virtual reality to come into focus and entertain children for hours.

Forget the grass, the flowers and the trees. Forget exercise, building forts, sandboxes and sports. Forget interaction, imagination and creative new games. Forget kids getting together to play and talk and swim and bicycle ride. McDonald’s and the corporate world are replacing everything that is real with this sad, emotionless, disconnected, virtual reality world.

Toxic Hungr’s Take:

A few weeks ago I was driving one late night and found myself behind a minivan what looked like full of little kids. I assumed one of the kids wasn’t driving, it had to be a full grown adult who had the capability of controlling that vehicle to wherever thery saw fit for it to go to. I was a little hungry so I decided to go to the one place that was opened that time of night which was–you guessed it–McDonald’s. Shockingly, guess where this van drove into as well? You guessed it. Now either two things happened here; McDonald’s installed a software in all vehicles containing children that force the vehicle to go through the draconian drive-thru or face major parental consequences….or, that adult used the freedom of her own choice to maneuver the vehicle into the drive-thru to buy the product that will feed those rugrats, and therefore, chose where her dollars get transferred to in order to enjoy the products McDonald’s offered. As I saw about five Happy Meals get transferred from the cashier to the woman ordering, and finally a huge brown bag which I assumed was her food, I looked at the beauty of free market enterprising at work. A company like McDonald’s providing an appealing product that his lady chose to purchase. I didn’t see any threatening food police with semi-automatic weapons forcing her into that drive-thru.
However, I was curious of the woman and her view of McDonald’s and their products. I assumed she didn’t see it as a big deal that it’s possible destroying those kids digestive system–or is it? IF she was the mother, did she just commit parental neglect, or irresponsibility feeding them that “crap”?
I’m not here defending McDonald’s, however I am defending the free market and the freedom of will of purchasing whatever you desire. And I refuse to accuse McDonald’s (or any industry for that matter) of being part of the demise of society refusing to think for themselves. Businesses exist to make money, and they spend millions, if not billions. annually convincing you to spend your money on their products. If they didn’t do that, there’s no reason for them to be in business.
McDonald’s just don’t launch certain products “just because”. There are painstaken research and development invested for months if not years on how you, and society respond to certain types of products and services. McDonald’s respond to what society wants, because corporations are an example of how society is thinking.
Organic foods are becoming popular to some people not because of the health benefits of it, but because of the taste of organic foods. People who can care less about their health even admitted that organic fruits and vegetables have a more favorable taste than conventional, and therefore wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks more –not because of the science behind organic–but simply because of the taste. Is that a demise for the conventional food industry? It’s a choice. Right?
The woman made a choice to feed those kids based on her independent decision. That was a beautiful exercice of the free market to me. That’s far away from being a sad demise to me. I may not agree with McDonald’s and their food, however I don’t believe they are the reason or cause of this generation’s “demise”.
The responsibility of that adult encouraging their kids to “play it off” or work it off to utilize those calories to turn into muscles and be involved in more physical activities is the choice of the parents. And last time I checked, McDonald’s never had any kids.
That demise belongs to the household these youngsters grow up in. When adults choose to transfer their responsibility of their household to McDonald’s for food, MTV and “reality TV” for entertainment, politics on the control of their finances, and loose opinions on their view of the world, that’s not McDonald’s, or MTV, or reality TV, or politics fault. So accusing McDonald’s of anybody’s demise seems to me like a–well, you fill in the blanks.

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