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GALLERY: Fattest To Thinnest

The World’s 5 Fattest and 5 Thinnest Countries and How They Got That Way

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Fattest: #5 Qatar

As recently as 2012, Qatar was ranked as the fattest nation in the world, and it’s still very high on the list. 77.1 percent of the population is currently listed as overweight and 17 percent suffer from diabetes — with the average onset age dropping rapidly. The cause is obvious; while Qatar was becoming the fattest nation, it was (and still is) also the richest nation, thanks to its enormous oil reserves. However, for a country that’s smaller than Connecticut but has a million more people, work is hard to come by, and most people lead sedentary lifestyles. This is compounded by the lack of pedestrian-friendly cities and reliance on cars for transportation, and also the fact that fast food has made its way into Qatar, and is adored by the locals. Since food is often consumed communally, portion control is also a huge factor in the country’s current health crisis.

Toxic Hungr: Hmm, sounds like a country we know about. You sure this isn’t—, well the only way for us to find out is to go to Qatar ourselves. Got our passports ready!

The Fat Diminisher

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