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GALLERY: 8 Foods That Naturally Remedy A Bug Bite

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Home Remedies for Mosquitoes: 8 Foods That Sooth A Bug Bite

It’s officially summer, and with summer the mosquitoes come out and play—and hungry. Protect yourself with these holistic remedies without the unnecessary chemicals.

Garlic (above)

Use these to keep mosquitoes away (or stop down the itching if you manage to get a bug bite).

Several days before you take a camping or hiking trip into bug-filled territory, start eating garlic. Have a clove or two every day. As you sweat out the garlic odor, it repels many insects. Maybe this is where the myth of garlic repelling bloodsuckers came from! Here are more shocking health benefits of garlic. Adapted from the books 1,801 Home Remedies and Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

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If your skin feels like it’s burning up from too much sun exposure or if itchy bug bites are driving you crazy, try using a little milk paste for soothing relief. Mix one part powdered milk with two parts water and add a pinch or two of salt. Dab it on the burn or bite. The enzymes in the milk powder will help neutralize the insect-bite venom and help relieve sunburn pain. These are other neat uses for milk (besides drinking it).
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For relief from the itching of mosquito and chigger bites, soak the area in salt water, then apply a coating of lard or vegetable oil.
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