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Now that’s fabulous! Mouth-watering vodka cocktails

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley from the BBC sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous” (1992-2012) are back with their shopping, drinking and clubbing antics — this time on the big screen in “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” set to release in the U.K. on July 1 and in the U.S. on July 22. To celebrate the film, mixologists at the Russian vodka brand Stolichnaya have come up with a dazzling selection of cocktails to get you in the summer spirit.

The Bombshell

© Addie Chinn

1.7 fl oz (50 ml) Stolichnaya Premium Vodka

0.84 fl oz (25 ml) lemon juice

0.42 fl oz (12.5 ml) gomme

4-6 fresh raspberries

1.7 fl oz (50 ml) sparkling water

Garnish: Raspberries

Method: Pour all ingredients over ice in a glass, top with sparkling water and garnish.

The Summer Crush

© Addie Chinn

1.7 fl oz (50 ml) Stolichnaya Premium Vodka

4 lemon wedges

6-8 mint leaves

0.42 fl oz (12.5 ml) gomme

Top with rose lemonade

Garnish: Lemon

Method: Add sugar, lemons and mint to the glass and muddle. Add Stoli and crushed ice. Churn and top with rose lemonade. Garnish with a crown of crushed ice and a slice of lemon.

The Sweetie Darling

© Addie Chinn

1.2 fl oz (35 ml) Stoli Salted Karamel

0.67 fl oz (20 ml) Bols Natural Yoghurt

2.7 fl oz (80 ml) apple and rhubarb juice

Garnish: Mini bag of sweets

Method: Add Stoli Salted Karamel, yoghurt liqueur and juice to a cocktail shaker filled with cubed ice and shake. Strain into a high-ball glass filled with cubed ice and garnish with a striped straw and a mini bag of sweets.

The Pink Romance

© Addie Chinn

1.7 fl oz (50 ml) Stolichnaya Premium Vodka

0.5 fl oz (15 ml) Cocchi Americano Vermouth

0.5 fl oz (15 ml) pamplemousse (pink grapefruit) liqueur

Garnish: Pink grapefruit zest

Method: Add all ingredients to a chilled mixing glass full of cubed ice. Stir for 15 seconds and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with zest and serve.


The Weekender

© Addie Chinn

1.7 fl oz (50 ml) Stolichnaya Premium Vodka

Dash of grenadine

Top up with rose lemonade

Method: Add Stoli and grenadine over crushed ice. Shake and strain into a glass and top up with rose lemonade.


The Fat Diminisher

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