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OUTRAGE as pharma-corrupted Google censors Alzheimer’s prevention summit, claiming disease is not ‘preventable’

(NaturalNews) We are living in an age of massive censorship, collusion and criminality by the internet’s top gatekeepers. Google, Facebook and Twitter are all deeply corrupt, compromised organizations, and they systematically censor everything they don’t want you to see. For example, Twitter was just caught censoring the #DNCleaks hashtag following the Wikileaks release of 20,000 damning emails from DNC staffers (which revealed an astonishing pattern of corruption and an organized attempt to smear and destroy Bernie Sanders).

Now, Google has been caught shutting down the Adwords advertising campaign for an empowering online summit that teaches people how to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. (See details here.)

“Back in May, I hired a professional marketing firm in New York to help me share the news about this event and the hope was to literally reach millions of people by this time,” wrote Jonathan Landsman, organizer of the online event.

“Within 48 hours of placing our first ads on the internet – THEY SHUT US DOWN,” Landsman explained. And the reason for the shut down? Because a Google representative claimed Alzheimer’s isn’t preventable!

Google censors ads that teach disease prevention (and hurt Big Pharma’s profits)

So now, Google executives are self-proclaimed medical scientists who can censor any advertising campaign that threatens the profits of big pharma. Any ads that attempt to teach people how to prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease or Alzheimer’s is systematically censored by Google under the fraudulent excuse that such diseases “aren’t preventable.” (This is Big Pharma’s BIG LIE that keeps them rolling in the profits by selling “treatments” that never stop the cycle of disease.)

As Google news very well, preventing disease means taking away billions of dollars in profit from the corrupt drug companies who maintain FDA-enforced monopolies on disease treatment in America. The last thing they want us for people to learn how to prevent chronic degenerative disease.

So Google is willing to deny people access to honest information about preventing disease in order to protect the profit interests of Big Pharma. And it’s not just Google, either. Did you know that Facebook bans dietary supplements from its Facebook shopping system? No supplements are allowed whatsoever… not even vitamin C!

Google is all-in for Big Pharma, vaccines, GMOs and Hillary Clinton

What’s readily apparent is that Google, just like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo News and all the other large internet gatekeepers, is all-in for every destructive, evil form of medicine or politics imaginable. They’re 100% pro vaccines, GMOs, SSRI drugs, psychiatric drugs and Hillary Clinton. They routinely censor the truth across all these topics while promoting the lies and propaganda of the corrupt, criminal cartels that operate at every level of our present-day fascist police state society.

“The Alzheimer’s Association had its ‘Alzheimer’s awareness’ month in June,” Landsman explained. “And their message is ‘there’s no cure … just donate money for research.'”

As long as you don’t promote a cure for anything, you won’t be censored. If you keep stupidly promoting Komen’s fraudulent pink ribbons, or breast cancer awareness month (which feeds the for-profit cancer industry), you’ll be granted a voice through Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online gatekeepers. But the minute you start to teach people something TRUTHFUL about preventing disease or reversing disease, you will be targeted and silenced. In some cases, credit card merchants will even cut off your ability to process online payments, denying you a revenue stream.

This is what America has become under the fascist corporate-government power cartels. This is where we are after 8 years of Bush’s police state and 7.5 years of Obama’s “transformation of America” into a criminal cartel of totalitarian traitors. Every sector of modern society has now been overrun with sellouts and traitors who actively seek to enslave the American people by separating them from real solutions that could save lives and end suffering. And it was all propagandized be seditious, subversive disinfo agents (like Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell) who pretend to be journalists.

Although Google has deliberately censored the Alzheimer’s summit advertising, they can’t stop the summit itself!

How to hear the summit that Google censored

The summit begins on Monday, and you can register at this link (it’s free). Once you hear the very first interview, you’ll immediately understand why Google had to censor all online advertising for this summit: The information you’ll learn threatens the profit monopolies of the pharmaceutical cartels who are counting on a massive wave of Alzheimer’s and dementia to fill their bank accounts with financial riches.

If you want to keep your mind intact, protect your sanity and deny Big Pharma more profits, you need to hear this summit. Find out what Google was so terrified of… learn what the internet’s largest gatekeepers are desperately trying to prevent you from discovering.

Because the simple, fundamental truth on all this is that Alzheimer’s and dementia can be prevented. You just need to know how. Click here to join the summit and find out for yourself. It begins Monday, July 25th and features new, exclusive interviews each day next week.

Article source:
Google, Facebook and Twitter does NOT have a monopoly on the Internet.
Google, Facebook and Twitter does NOT have an obligation to show every information on their search engine.
However, they DO have an obligation and responsibility to their shareholders. And if understanding a cure or holistic treatment of Alzheimer’s has the potential to THREATEN, and/or DIMINISH the bottom line, profit, and/or market share of their business of controlling and treating the SYMPTOMS of Alzheimer’s, then just like YOU, they do what they gotta do to protect their money —- AT ALL COST.
Sickness and disease (as well as Alzheimer’s and Dementia) is a multi-billion dollar game, and there are very important players in this game. And best believe that nine times out of ten, they are a major shareholder in Google — just FOLLOW THE MONEY.
Now, with that understanding, there’s no need to be upset with Google. It’s not like most Americans do some “real research” on it anyway or the pharmaceutical, mainstream media, and education industry would’ve been on life support by now if not completely extinct.
If they are doing this tactic, you’re not locked into their engine. You might have to get used to making your own digital trail off the beaten path and search in alternative search engines. We would name them, but we encourage the full use of your brain cells so you’re on your own there slick.
Do your own research. Ask questions. Let Google and social media do Google and social media — which is to obey the commands of their shareholders. YOU on the other hand is your OWN SHAREHOLDER. You have a responsibility of your own mind to no longer depend on anything else for your understanding regarding your body, or any other man-made DIS-EASE of the world.
So to recap; online bathroom walls like Google, Facebook and Twitter obey their billionaire shareholders who’s more likely involved in the industries that depend on the Alzheimer’s side affects for their bottom line. Nothing personal, it’s business with them just as it is with you when you go to work to get paid.
So look into other search engines and do your research somewhere else. Do the mental work, go off the beaten path with independent search engines.
However let us here at Toxic Hungr be clear: we’re NOT defending Google, Facebook or Twitter. But what we ARE promoting and advocating is you using the intelligence within you to seek out the information on Alzheimer’s and it’s treatment from a holistic point of view that’s in accordance to your satisfaction.
The Internet is opened to all humanity to explore as much information your heart’s content. Google, Facebook and Twitter just don’t have to be the portal to it.
The Fat Diminisher

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