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There’s Packaged Water Specifically Formulated for Your Morning Coffee

Amateur baristas looking to take your coffee game to the next level, take notice. No longer will you be forced to compromise your carefully crafted brew with mediocre water from a Brita filter — or worse, straight from the tap. A company called Aquiem has formulated specialty H2O that’s meant to perfectly complement your high-end beans, reports Daily Coffee News.

Aquiem takes regular old water and removes its minerals through intense purification. Then, minerals that enhance the flavors of coffee are added back in. Company co-founder Rob Vidacovich explained what goes into water that’s suitable for a good cup of coffee.

“What you definitely do not want is to have things like zinc and lead, fluoride, chlorine, and large amounts of calcium in the water,” Vidacovich said. “All of that effects the taste of the coffee. What does have a favorable effect on coffee are things like magnesium, potassium, and a certain right blend of calcium.”

Aquiem’s “enhanced water” is currently available for purchase online, and it checks out at $25.68 for a case of 12 one-liter cartons. In addition to making coffee taste better, the water may offer some health benefits. While there’s no scientific backing, the company says it “has been known to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate conditions that often promote stomach acid reflux and/or common ‘heartburn’ due to drinking coffee.” Surely this will displease the antacid industry.

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Of course, if the idea of purchasing specialty water to brew your favorite pot of coffee seems like a perfect investment towards maintaining your health, maybe it’s time to also upgrade your java beverage altogether too.


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