Are You Toxic?

Anything you’re ingesting into your body that is artificial or GMO’d is NOT real food.


Even your produce is a chemical feast, after the pesticides, and herbicides get into the soil killing the ecosystem.

Do you know what “cide” means?…….. It’s Latin, meaning DEATH!

Bad News…. these chemicals are making your fat cells larger making you fatter.

And, here’s Why…...

When these chemicals enter your body, your body protects itself by storing the foreign toxins in your lovely fat cells, away from your vital organs.  This is a necessary survival mechanism naturally occurring inside your body.

>>Can you imagine what happens to your fat cells everyday after eating all these toxins?……They getbigger and bigger and bigger!

After these chemicals enter the body your blood sugar quickly rises to an extreme high, releasing insulin to lower the blood sugar back to safe range~ 60-100.

But it over compensates and releases too much which brings it dangerously too low and then craving for these foods begin.

Why is this bad for weight loss?

Insulin is a fat storing hormone and every time it’s released your body stores FAT.

When too much insulin is released:

  • it makes you fatter
  • causes your blood sugar to drop too low
  • making you hungry, toxic hunger, miserable
  • And, craving more processed, sugary foods.  This cycles goes on and on all day.

Why detoxing the liver is important….

80,000~ the amount of manufactured chemicals that are in common use worldwide

To explain what liver detoxification is, I will use the analogy of the oil filter in the engine of a car.

→ The oil in the car, over time becomes dirty as a part of the general day to day wear and tear. If this filter is not maintained and changed regularly, this filter becomes dirty, blocked and over-worked, causing malfunction and eventual engine breakdown.

This exactly what happens in the body and can cause a range of symptoms so wide-spread they are often not identified as being related to each other, let alone related to the liver.

  • While the human body itself has within it’s organs tissues, and cells a series of pathways that are involved in detoxification, these pathways must be supported nutritionally and the use of certain bio-active compounds from plants can improve their efficiency.
  • Regular cleansing routines stimulate the body’s superb cleansing system in the lymph system, liver, kidneys, bile duct, and elimination organs to flush toxins from the body

There are no drugs that can cleanse the liver of toxins or repair the damage to the liver cells just as there is no mechanic shop that you can take your liver to for an “oil change.”

So, How can you cleanse the liver safely?

>> To cleanse and repair the liver we need to use the principles of nutritional cellular cleansing behind which there is a wealth of scientific evidence. Also known as intermittent fasting.

>> Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating that involves going without food for several hours or up to a couple of days.  And it can become a lifelong habit.

How Intermittent fasting works to support weight loss and maintenance….

  • Improves insulin sensitivity~ Improving how well insulin ushers glucose from the blood(after eating food)  into cells where it is used for energy.    Similar to how drinking coffee habitually can dull the response to caffeine an excess of carb intake can decrease sensitivity to insulin.  When people are less sensitive to insulin, they cannot efficiently use the food they eat leading to a cascade of health issues including fatigue and increased hunger.  Insulin sensitivity is “Reset” by fasting.
  • Resets Calorie Intake~  Although it seems counterintuitive, evidence suggests that when intermittent fasting becomes a lifestyle, less food is commonly consumed during normal calorie days.

However, Nutritional Support is needed to counteract the oxidative damaged caused by the release of toxins, during intermittent fasting/cleansing.

Studies on intermittent fasting have shown that it’s as effective for weight loss as cutting calories.

In one study, overweight women who fasted intermittently for six months lost more weight than women who restricted their calories each day.

While obviously we can not avoid ALL toxins, But you can take these steps to Avoid some exposure…..

>>> Avoid skincare products with harmful chemicals like phthalates. Phthalates are common in synthetically fragrance personal care products that can influence hormones related to metabolism.

>>> Avoid certain plastics. Plastics that contain Bisphenol-A(BPA), a toxin found in some plastic products that has been linked with increased abdominal fat and glucose intolerance even at low levels. Try storing food in glass, stainless steel, or BPA-Free plastics, Also look for products that have BPA-Free packaging.

>>> Avoid Artificial Colors (Dyes) Every year, food manufacturers pour 15 million pounds of artificial food dyes into US foods. However, a 2014 study by Purdue University suggests that children may be consuming far more toxic food dyes than previously thought. A variety of common food dyes and the preservative sodium benzoate cause some children to become more hyperactive and distractible. The amounts of dye in even single servings of some foods are higher than the amounts proven to adversely affect children’s behavior. Many of these dyes are derived for coal tars.

Nine of the food dyes currently approved for use in the US are linked to health issues ranging from cancer to hyperactivity and allergy-like reactions—and these results were from studies conducted by the chemical industry itself. For instance, Red #40, which is the most widely used dye, may accelerate the appearance of immune system tumors in mice, while also triggering hyperactivity in children. Blue #2, used in candies, beverages, pet foods, and more, was linked to brain tumors. And Yellow #5, used in baked goods, candies, cereal, and more, may not only be contaminated with several cancer-causing chemicals but is also linked to hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, and other behavioral effects in children.

>>>Choose Green house cleaning methods, such as steam, all natural cleaning solutions.  Toxins aren’t just outside your door.  They are also in your house.  Toxins can be found in flooring, shower curtains, flame retardants, stain guards on furniture.

Why I Cleanse and highly recommend it….

By absorbing more unavoidable toxins daily, you also make more fat cells and bigger fat cells in the process, regardless of how much you may diet.  Now, you know one big reason why many people who eat very clean and work out regularly still carry an inch or more of fat all over their bodies.

Because Most So-Called Diets Foods, Processed Foods and just Food in general are lacking key nutrients the body needs to be functioning at optimal performance for a lifetime.  Everything that occurs in the body happens at the cellular level.  And, Getting visceral fat and stored toxins out of your abdomen in this way is far better for your overall health than merely losing weight.

I do nutritional cellular cleansing twice a month with a super food.  This  solution emphasizes a high intake of clean water, intermittent food reduction, complete protein and micronutrient nutrition and an alkaline regimen with effective botanicals.  I have been eating organic and clean for over 12 years and really didn’t think I could be toxic, however, overtime, and the build up in my body caused me to gain unwanted weight in my belly (visceral fat)….A place I’ve never had a fat problem.

  • This nutritional solution had triple the amount of toxins released than those following a heart-healthy diet, After 6 months
  • It  has nutritional cellular support that contains ingredients that support the body’s natural detoxification systems invoking a mild state of ketosis, moving the body from fat storing to fat burning.
  • Plus, Enzymes to metabolize toxins making them more water soluble and Antioxidants are added for cell protection

This nutritional super food has been proven and studied for 1 year at Skidmore College, It has been compared to the heart healthy diet and the results were in favor of this nutritional superfood and it has been published in scientific journals.  The subjects showed better weight loss and better visceral fat loss.

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