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Can You “Wash Off” GMO From Food?

You can’t wash off GMO! Presenting the top seven reasons to never buy genetically mutated food

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Oooh, let’s talk about the lies the food industry tells us! They brainwash us with commercials of food that looks good. They repeat what to eat over and over and over again, until it sinks in our brains.

But what if YOU are consuming pesticide DAILY, because the kind of pesticide lurking in genetically modified food (GMO) can never be washed off, and your body may not be able to dispose of it either.

That would mean your cells are mutating because they are trying to interpret the nutrition in the food and it’s just NOT there.

The misinterpretation of things that taste sweet or salty tricks your body into ingesting bug killer and weed killer genes, and your gut is CREATING pesticide. Did you not know?

Why do you think the people who are so adamant about banning GMO are so dogmatic when they speak about it? They know. They don’t want cancer. Listen to them.

You can’t wash off GMO, so you better buy organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

#1) Nearly all corn sugar and HFCS contains pesticide that severely damages gut bacteria, your biological seat of immunity

Go out and try to find something to satisfy your “sweet tooth” and I bet you that end up consuming something that kills the insects that eat corn. Go on, try. If you’re not a health food “nut,” then you probably don’t know about sweet food that doesn’t come from GM corn.

You might have never heard about organic chocolate with coconut oil and organic honey. You just go to the movie theater or the yogurt shop and pile on or “pile in” the high fructose corn syrup, or worse, some artificial sweeteners. They’re synthetic too, you know.

You can run into this HFCS cancer-causing nightmare even in those “beloved” chicken sandwiches. Yep. Could you be shortening YOUR years on this planet? What ingredients should you be “boycotting” this year, and for the rest of your life?


#2) The U.S. Government is actively engaged in making children sick with processed GMO school food so they will have health problems that cost parents BIG dollars

Michelle Obama spoke very promisingly about organic food when her husband jumped into the Oval Office, and she pushed for it in schools. The program failed miserably, but for one reason you probably don’t know.

Her husband is in bed with Monsanto (figuratively speaking of course).

Yes, Monsanto runs the FDA, and they run the Big Food in schools, and “ain’t nobody” pushing the bully around at lunchtime! Nope, kids — come get your “grub” on, because this prison-grade slop isn’t suited for cattle.

And guess what the biggest healthcare corporations invest in? – Fast Food! It’s not sustainable — not for the planet, the humans, the animals or the plants. School lunches fail the nutrition test that the schools teach kids about!

It’s processed GMO everything, including vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides. What choice do these kids have? Their parents packing their organic lunch — that’s the only choice for longevity.


#3) Most animals raised on corporation-run farms consume GMO feed, so in turn they are cancerous before you eat them or their byproducts

If you don’t know what CAFO stands for, it’s “confined animal feeding operation.”That’s okay. Don’t feel bad; it’s not taught in schools or advertised on TV.

CAFO means that the animals are fed toxic feed, like gelatin, GM soy, GM corn and GM alfalfa. This is herbicide food. It destroys weeds, not to mention the animal’s digestive tract. It can destroy the reproductive system of the animal consuming it. Are you an animal?

CAFO means the animals are injected with synthetic growth hormones that cause breast cancer tumors in men and women.

CAFO means the animals are kept and slaughtered in inhumane ways, while their fellow animals watch and listen to the suffering. This suffering sends central nervous shock waves throughout the body, spreading hormones and antibiotics to the “meat” you’ll eat…

Or will you?


#4) Aspartame and MSG are GMO, in case you didn’t know — chemically designed to make you fat! Are your taste buds, brain and stomach addicted to junk science?

Just what are “food drugs”? What the heck is going on in those food plants where they mix in super spices and super sugars with hydrogenated oils saturated in all the bad fats that clog arteries and veins, leading to strokes, obesity and diabetes?

By tricking your body with something sweet or salty that’s barely even food, you crave MORE sweets and MORE salty junk food to quell what your body NEVER really received. When you crave foods, you’re really craving nutrients and minerals, but you won’t find any of that in GMO.

Biotech is junk science, and Big Pharma is making you fat! Get the “skinny” on organic snacks and never “go back” to junk fat.


#5) Seven billion dollars a year worth of food is funneled through the Non-GMO Project verification because health enthusiasts demand non-poisonous food!

How can you tell if your food is genetically mutated, containing chemicals that kill weeds, fungus, worms and beetles? Who is looking out for you, because the FDA says that chemicals that kill weeds, fungus, worms and beetles are good for humans?

The EPA likes chemical agriculture too. Plus, the USDA supports more and more “chemicalized crop” than ever before. Could it all be about the money? You bet it is.

So again, who’s looking out for you, besides you? The USA does not label GMO food as such, and the “search for the cure” for cancer continues. Should you be searching for prevention instead?

The Non-GMO Project Verified seal indicates that best practices have been put in place to AVOID GMO. The project’s “threshold” is in alignment with the laws in the European Union!

Verification is maintained via annual audit with onsite inspections for high-risk products. Seek organic and non-GMO when you shop. You’ll taste and FEEL the difference every time.


#6) Just because you can’t smell it, taste it, see it, and it’s not on the label, doesn’t mean it’s not there — GMO food contains pesticide!

Of course, if food tasted like the chemicals used to kill bugs and weeds, nobody in their right mind would eat it. Unfortunately, normal nutritious food takes a little more hunting than just smelling and tasting, these days.

You may be living in the “concrete jungle” right now, with very little access to fresh food that isn’t GMO.

The problem is that 900 different diseases and disorders begin (and end) with malnutrition.

The goal of Biotechnology is to make more money using pesticides. Period. Any other illusions you may have about science advancement can be disregarded here. Long-term studies have been done, and rats get tumors the size of golf balls from consuming GMO. Take heed:


#7) Why do whole grains cause inflammation? Could it be they’re illegally grown as GMO — and what does China know about the USA that you don’t?

Last April, in 2014, China rejected US exported grain that was grown with seeds that were genetically modified by Syngenta AG (agriculture division). The Asian nation turned away one and a half million metric tons of corn in six months’ time. Why?

Why would China, a very industry-polluted country, not want GM grains? What’s the big concern? The grain contained a gene that China has a ZERO tolerance policy to keep out of the country. That gene is called MIR 162.

That zero tolerance policy applies to certain corn and soybeans too, didn’t you know? The Americans will say this costs them billions in losses, but really these are gains, because less humans are consuming cancer-causing food that we “manufacture.”

Are you eating “manufactured” food or naturally grown? Your wheat belly may be leaving you beginning today. It’s time that YOU boycott GMO altogether.

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ToxicHungr’s Take On This; (and rant)…

We absolutely agree with this article. However, we need to eliminate the scapegoating when it comes to our health so that YOU have the power, not them or anyone else.

There’s a reason why GMOs are in the market, and why biotech corporations is in the business of forcing these products into market. Pointing fingers at what the GMO corporations are doing is not rocket science of why because it’s their nature to poison society (board of directors, research and development, lobbying), in other words; you are aware that a poisonous snake will bite you and possibly kill you with its venom because its the snake’s nature even though you’ve never gotten bitten. It’s a snake. There’s no negotiations with the snake, it made its mind up that you’ll be its victim and possibly dinner. So what do you do? You choose an alternative route to avoid it. How? Understand organic cellular nourishment which is what the body respond to instead of reacting from. Looking at the cost of organic food as expensive apart from GMOs is like looking at the path home as a short cut but the snake is in the path itself. So, out of mental laziness, you get bit in order to avoid making a few extra steps to make it home safely, instead you’re worrying now if you’ll make it home alive before the venom take affect. At the end of the day, you have the authority over your body, mind and pocket. YOU make the decision everyday to get bit or take an extra mile to stay healthy. The choice is always yours. Either way, the snake misses its dinner (corporate profits), or you end up missing yours (malnourished from ToxicHungr). -TH

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