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EXPOSED: Pharma’s Monopolistic Business

Monopolistic price gouging is the business model of Big Pharma

Most of the entire media-watching world has heard of the price-gouging done by Turing Pharmaceutical’s CEO Martin Shkreli. And the entire business world it seems has rebuked this supposedly “corrupted” move based on the infamous drug pusher.

Although we’re not defending his actions or motives, we are giving this situation the benefit of the doubt. We’re looking at it as a kid stealing an apple in the produce market and running away. Everyone sees one side of the coin of this kid committing a crime of theft and shoplifting, but not stop and ask “why?” What was this kid’s motive behind it? Was he hungry? Starving and didn’t have the money? Is he trying to feed a loved one? What would I’ve done if I was in his shoes?

Of course this is not that situation here, but it does give us the opportunity to see both sides of the coin. But before we start, let’s look at the following article on the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Then, we’ll introduce you to the other side of the coin that act just as similar to these facts.

It’s worth noting in all this that Martin “Loki” Shkreli isn’t alone. Price gouging and monopolistic profiteering is the entire business model of the pharmaceutical industry.

Here are some shocking facts you might not have known about the industry:

FACT #1: Most Big Pharma funding comes from taxpayers via NIH grants.

Just like most patient medications are funded by taxpayers via Medicare and Medicaid programs?

FACT #2: Most Big Pharma expenditures are spent on marketing, not R&D.

There’s a reason for this. We live in a consumer-based society, not a society that thinks and do their own research. Shiny advertisement is what pushes most consumers to buy a product rather than the real reason why they’re buying it. They live to buy from the marketing.

FACT #3: Google actively conspires with Big Pharma and the FDA to block pharmacy ads from Canada, where drugs can be purchased at a fraction of the U.S. price.

Could it be because most consumers in America would not buy the drug if its “expensive”, so they have it paid for buy taxpayer funded Medicare and Medicaid? Could it be that if its cheap then something might be “wrong with it” apart from if its expensive it “must be good”?

FACT #4: People all over the world pay a fraction of the U.S. price for the exact same pharmaceuticals, often as little as 2% of the U.S. price in places like India.

Is it because most Americans aren’t willing to do their research on what they’re paying for because their buying is mostly driven on emotions instead of ration?

FACT #5: The FDA protects a monopoly of drug prices in the U.S., making sure consumers don’t have access to cheaper drugs from Canada or Mexico. People who bring in legal, FDA-approved drugs from Canada are arrested and prosecuted as “drug smugglers.”

This reminds us that laws are bought and paid for via Congress via these alphabet soups including the NIH, CDC, AMA, FCC and on and on. So if this is the law, it needs to be bought back. But if this is the case, wouldn’t it be better to move to Canada or Mexico if you really wanted these drugs? Or, would it be cheaper to just switch to a more organic nutritional alternative altogether?

FACT #6: Even while the FDA bans drug purchases from Canada or Mexico, most of the pharmaceuticals sold in U.S. pharmacies are actually manufactured in India or Puerto Rico!

Again, who’s paying for it? If you switch to alternative organic nutrition and your body is getting fed real food, then more likely you wouldn’t need these drugs. Therefore, you stop buying it, or don’t need the taxpayer funded Medicare and Medicaid pay for it anymore, they lose funding, and poof! There goes the pharma-industry. However, for someone who’s attracted to the shiny dazzle of the drug ad on TV, it’s easier said to do this than done.

FACT #7: Most pharmaceuticals don’t treat any diseases in the first place. They treat SYMPTOMS, guaranteeing repeat business by making sure the underlying health condition never gets cured.

It goes back to the patient. Do they REALLY want to be cured? The symptoms become a part of them, and who didn’t like the feeling of being comatose from that morphine? If you get cured, than you no longer feel the artificial euphoria that drug gave you. We know pharmaceuticals don’t cure or treat the disease, however do that patient give the pharmaceutical company a reason not to?

FACT #8: Most pharmaceuticals cause unintended side effects and organ damage that leads to yet more diseases, requiring yet more pharmaceuticals that generate yet more profits for Big Pharma.

Again, this falls back on the patient. It’s not their fault rather they want to continue feeding the pharmaceuticals money or not regardless of how. If the patient agrees with what those pills are doing to them, the pharma is doing their job.

FACT #9: Cancer drugs (chemotherapy) cause cancer! And AIDS drugs cause the kind of symptoms that are often diagnosed as AIDS. Many drugs actually cause the very conditions they claim to treat. Some cause other conditions, too, such as antidepressant drugs causing diabetes.

FACT #10: The corruption and collusion between the pharmaceutical industry and the U.S. government is extreme. The U.S. medical system is an example of runaway corporate fascism and Big Government oppression. The government oppresses natural medicine, prevention and natural cures while handing a monopoly to the drug industry which claims to “treat” all the health conditions in the country. This is one of the big reasons why America is going broke.


Toxic Hungr’s Take:

Before we start here, we’re NOT defending the business model and/or tactics of the pharmaceutical industry, nor are we justifying their business practices and relationship with the government. What we’re doing is proving how the consumer give this industry the reason to implement these business practices. We’re seeing a complete comparison with this article. It provides us with a helicopter view of the pharmaceutical industry. Now, we want to explore the other side of the coin and focus on Fact #10 which is key to the entire article. We break it down below to do some key comparisons:

The corruption and collusion between the pharmaceutical industry and the U.S. government is extreme.

We have to look at the word “corruption”, what it derives from, and what it means. According to Wikipedia;

Corruption, is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit.

We can’t deny the fact that a good amount of the United States citizens put their trust in government, especially the FDA (Food, Drug Adminstration) and the USDA (United States Dept, of Agriculture) when it comes to their nutrition and medication consumption. With that amount of trust, and you were the pharmaceutical industry, wouldn’t you pay off or even buy the key organizations that “the people” put their trusts in? Why not? Just by doing that, does that justify why they’re such a powerful industry?

The U.S. medical system is an example of runaway corporate fascism and Big Government oppression…

What really make the medical system? Well let’s look at Walmart for an example;

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer is just that–world’s largest–for a reason. Millions of people buy products from Walmart everyday because of their–you guessed it–low prices. Why? There’s a method to Walmart’s “Low Price” madness. There are so many companies and infrastructure Walmart owns and controls that help them regulate the prices of the goods they sell. However, they do this so that you can buy that laundry detergent, flat screen TV, pampers for the little one, khakis for work, and groceries for the pantry lower than Joe’s market down the street. The consumer give Walmart the incentive to make these moves behind closed doors in order to keep prices low and competitive for you to save an extra twenty cents to a dollar of your paycheck-to-paycheck budget.

It seems like pharmaceuticals play the same board game, except their cash cow is the government. The government only respond to what the consumer wants. If the patient gets an expensive drug–because they want it–they will send the bill to their health insurer, and guess who that will be? There’s a lot of back door deals being made because the consumer demands it. So the entire system is surrounded by the consumer, and the drive for that consumer to get a quick fix, or to cover the pain of that illness at all cost. (sounds like what Congress do…..)

Now “fascism” is thrown around like moon pies at a Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras parade when someone think of an organization of power using the government to suppress someone’s rights. What makes us think that the average consumer don’t support a business that join forces with government that bends laws that enable it to avoid certain taxes and regulations in order to sell that particular product at a low price, so that the consumer is willing to pay to satisfy their wants? We assume these companies don’t go out of their way to play the fascist game of money to look pretty, they want your business, and would do anything to get it, just like the average consumer want that product, and would do anything—ANYTHING—to get it. Even if it means “bending some laws”.

The government oppresses natural medicine, prevention and natural cures while handing a monopoly to the drug industry which claims to “treat” all the health conditions in the country.

Natural medicine and nutrition gets to the point by exposing all the bullshit (we’re all grown here and if your child reading this, it’s not our fault…or is it...) the body is going through, and that takes hard work within the mind of the patient. The patient has the choice to oppress the message, or even the messenger reminding them of healthier nutritional options. Why would you want to hear that crap about expensive organic foods and exercise when you can get your Ziprexal for free by having the government insurance pay for it? It sounds good to hear that Zyphenal treats and cures this ailment and that pain, but let you continue on with your life without “changing” anything. But how dare that doctor or even that family member tell that patient to “change” their lifestyle?

So yes Mr. Government, silence that quackery-natural-healing-organic-preaching quack! I want my cake and I damn sure wanna eat that son-of-a-gun too! Nom-nom-nom-nom….

This is one of the big reasons why America is going broke.

There’s this stigma going on regarding America and the American people. For example;

The American people pay income taxes,

They are the most obese people in the world.

They are the #1 consumers in the world.

They consume more narcotics than any country in the world.

They have more health problems than any other country in the world.

They, they, they….

It’s like the “American people” are catagorized a lot, and not in a positive way. Now, they’re going broke.

Now why? Is the health care system making  the “American people” broke? Are the pharmaceutical drugs the actual REASON why America is broke? Here’s my take on this; is it Las Vegas, or Biloxi, Mississippi’s casinos the reason why people in that area is broke? Is it the Budweiser and Heineken, Toyota or Ford the reason why people are killing one another because of drinking and driving?

If it’s true that the American people are a victim of their own decision of buying their happy and nighty-night pills and that’s why their “broke”, then this is a sad society. I mean let’s be real here; are YOU, the reader of this article broke because of the pharmaceutical industry? If not, then you’re not American I guess.

What makes America, America? Is it a lost country? Well rather it is or not what does that have to do with you right? You have your own mind and buy whatever you want to buy, however, you’re a thinker that use your mind and intelligence to figure out what is what and why you’re buying that product.

The bottom line is this; we believe in personal responsibility. Yes the pharmaceutical, GMO and many other corrupt industries has gotten beaten down lately, spreading from Monsanto down to McDonald’s. But at the end of the day, if these industries physically come into your house, pointing a gun in your face and forcing you to buy their products and services, is there a reason for the corruption? If one group of people had their way they could force others to adapt to their ideal lifestyle and products as well through taxation, wouldn’t you call that “corruption”?

True freedom is controversial, and because freedom requires responsibility, it reveals truth of the person, a truth that many are actually running from, so why not scrutinize the truth on nutrition and organic foods? It’s a truth of what the body needs to function. And shocking to us, there are people out there who elect and choose not to have a fully functioning and healthy body.

This industry is only a reflection of the inner demons among a society that hates Mondays, look forward top Fridays, consume on the weekends and do it all over again in the next four decades–if that. Sickness has become the “American Way”, it’s standard diet is a poison to nature. When you put yourself in that catagory, it’s challenging to see above the crowd because it’s noisy. You have a choice to climb out of that branded crowd and ask yourself ‘Am I part of this mindset?’ If not, you have a responsible choice to make.

Here at Toxic Hungr, we will never tell you what or how to think, we encourage you to not just explore alternatives, but get deep down into the root of why we make the decisions that we make. Rather it’s choosing organic, or going the traditional pharmaceutical way. The choice is yours, and there will always be a producer (nature or doctor) that have it ready for your next dose.


The Fat Diminisher

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