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Too many people pay money to Eat Healthy. We wanted to get paid to Eat Healthy instead. Here’s how to do it.

The last time I had a fitness program I stuck with because I wanted to let out a lot of aggression. But as an entrepreneur and hustler, I am a fan of making money. So when I found out there were ways I could make money by eating healthy AND getting in shape, I had to jump on, and write about it.

Work out with TEFitness

If you’ve never heard of TEFitness, it’s an online rewards program that will pay you for trying our nutritional system and have two people you know who want to do it with you. Click here to see everything it offers.

All of those things are great, and it’s why we recommend TEFitness if you’d like a way to make a little extra spending money in your free time from home, but what’s new to me is the company’s collection of cellular nutritional systems.

For example, there’s a novice pack for those who just want to give it an affordable test drive to see if you like it, followed by an elite pack for those who’s serious about releasing unwanted weight up to 100 pounds! So that’s a 30-Day supply of complete easy-to-use nutritional meals, and TEFitness would pay me to do it; and the amount of money you can make is TOTALLY UP TO YOU — it actually became my career (more on that later) — but making something is a pretty nice motivator and might get you moving, even if you wanna make a few extra bucks on the side.

But on the other hand, the program will also pay you to go to retreats and vacations, so it might end up being a big deal

Click here to sign up for the TEFitness program.

Step it up with The IsaBody Challenge

TEFitness is a nice start, The IsaBody Challenge is an AMAZING complimentary that can really get you moving by upping the amount of money you can make from your progress considerably: IsaBody Challenge.

With The IsaBody Challenge, you set yourself a weight-RELEASE or muscle gaining goal, to release a certain amount within a 16-week time, and win money each time that you’ll meet your goal.

For example, let’s say you wanted to release 24 pounds in 16 months, The IsaBody Challenge would pay you somewhere between $100 and up to $25,000 at the end of the challenge for releasing that weight (according to the site).

So imagine yourself this time next year 24 pounds lighter and with your holiday shopping completely paid for, and that’s The IsaBody Challenge.

Just remember, if you don’t hit whatever goal you set for yourself, NO WORRIES! You still get up to $200 in free products for giving it a go, and can re-enter and TRY AGAIN! Now, that’s powerful motivation.

To play around with the site and see what you’d be willing to commit to and how much you could win, click here to visit The IsaBody Challenge and get paid to get in shape.

Article source: TEFitness LIVE!

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