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Take Everything You’ve “Heard” About Weight Loss, And Squash It


Let’s be honest, dieting is boring. Especially when it comes to following a regimen that voids delicious taste, satisfaction of a craving, and forces you to do “extra work” like counting calories and s!@#…

So we would like to teach you how to UN-Diet. That’s right, we want you to take all your diet stuff and throw it out the window — literally. And whatever money you spent to get it, charge it to the game*. As a matter of fact, we’re going to get you on an easy to use plug and play system that’s going to possibly pay you back — AND SOME.

(*The game; the weight loss industry’s marketing tactics)

So what’s UN-Dieting?

Well it’s not necessarily ditching dieting. Diet is a habit regarding what you eat. Some people eat nothing but fast food grub three times a day, that’s their diet. Then you have the carnivore, herbivore and “in-betweenavore” diets. It’s only what you eat every single day. We look at “eat whatever the f!@# you want” diet —- RIGHT AFTER DOING THIS….

But not yet.

One of the biggest mistakes those who plan to diet do is use the state of mind they’re in when starting the dieting in the first place. Most subconsciously believe they will never…NEVER get rid of their unwanted body weight, thus self sabotaging their goal before they even start. It’s really not their fault; the 60+ year old multi-billion dollar “weight loss” industry did a GREAT job helping people LOSE weight. That’s why we’re #1 in obesity in the world — the weight loss industry helped their customers LOSE weight.

And do you know what happens when you lose something? You usually want it back.

In order to justify the billions in profits these corporations generated, they need their customers to have a rebound. Just look at the ingredients in your diet foods. Go ahead, take a look at it right now and see if you know what the ingredients are.

That’s key for you to understand. There’s a 90 percent chance those ingredients are synthetic, artificial (claiming to be “all natural” that the FDA gave the okay), and have the exact same toxins your fat cells will absorb and store, which justify the growth of the unwanted weight.

Yes, you will “lose” weight, because the weight loss industry needs some kind of “proof” and quota, and want it to be your pet. So you’d want it back. How?

There is a subconscious need to keep that identity attached to your unwanted weight. Even though you want to get rid of it, you might have to change something deeper than just your physical appearance. Right now, you’re known as a label, and an identity that your friends, family, acquaintance, boyfriend/girlfriend, and just plain society has put into you. That means you’re going to have to change all of that. If you’re at peace with going ahead and changing your identity into a more healthier and ideal physical position, then this plan might be for you.


It’s important for us to highlight this to you because the unwanted weight consist of toxins locked in fat cells. This is very uncomfortable, makes you feel unattractive, and most importantly put your internal organs at risk.

In contrast, you’re going to gain weight AFTER you’ve achieved your ideal body weight so prepare for it. This weight gain is due to muscle growth stimulated from our unique super food infused with 90 key rich nutrients, vitamins and minerals proprietorially blended to work in synergy to detox your cells, which justify the fat cells eliminating.

NOTE: Fat cells NEED toxins to be there in the first place. When you detox, your fat cells CAN NOT STAY.

Which means it enters your body and organs….

Then the potent antioxidants go to work to maintain your body’s vitals and organs while the detoxification is in affect. This grabs the toxins released from the cells, covers it up with an organic based enzyme, and chelates (push out, remove) the toxins from the body. This is where our clients and teammates experience lots of sweating, chills and very mild to no headaches due to the massive energy used during this process depending on the toxicity of your cells. This is where our adaptogens and antioxidants comes in to help you keep your energy going.

In other words; with the scientifically correct nutrients premeasured for your convenience, your body’s chemistry will show you how amazing a work of high tech art it is. It is a well oiled machine with the most sophisticated technology of organs, blood and electrons working in complete synergy to utilize our unique super food where you can REALLY FEEL what it’s like to be the human being you’re meant to be. Your mind will feel renewed, your organs and cells will feel rejuvenated, and you will completely feel like your REAL YOU!


Our belief based on our personal experience is the difference between “motivation” versus “inspiration”. This might sound totally opposite to what you’ve been told regarding the two, but we belief your inner guidance and intuition speaks to you louder than some motivation speaker or coach pretending to know what you’ve been through from infant to now. We don’t pretend like we know you, but we DO know your body and how it responds to the correct nutrition.

Inspiration comes from a burning desire within where YOU tell your body to move, and your body agree with enthusiasm. The nutrients that your body is having a conversation with naturally inspires you to go for a jog, hit the gym, lift some weights, play some sports, whatever fits your fancy, you’re gonna wanna MOVE!!!!

No one have to “motivate” you to do anything. If they do, then it’s best to just not do it because it will be an obligation. It’s one of those “glad you kicked my butt” sort of things. But who kicks your butt if it’s what your body wanted to do? No matter how “motivated” you feel, if you have a mental resistance to go in the first place, your body will resist during your workout which will make it feel like your workout was “work”. That’s why it’s important to know where your mental state’s at BEFORE trying our unique super food, and working out.


— Understand that when you lose something, you want it back. Just like a pet or something you’re emotionally attached to, this mental state is what justifies why for the past 60+ years of the weight loss industry, people are still getting fatter.

— Understand that your body is made up of trillions of cells with telomeres. Your physical body NEVER gets sick or age, your cells do. Therefore, when your cells are deteriorating, your body shows it. Just look at your body as a mirror of your cells.

— Understand that to get rid of the weight loss hamster wheel, you need to mentally RELEASE the unwanted weight once and for all by implementing a telomere support, cellular repairer, and an easy to use, convenient, and richly delicious nutritional cellular cleansing system that’s far less than your typical grocery list to support your immune system, organs, and strength during your detox.

— Understand that even though we advocate organic based food to the fullest extent, we don’t discourage you from eating what you want. In order to get the best results out of our system, and your return of your investment, we recommend the following steps.

  2. Nutritionally cleanse your cells with this super food EVERY SINGLE DAY. (This will enhance the cellular repair)
  3. Choose two sessions of CLEANSE DAYS if the majority of your diet consists of conventional and genetically modified foods to ween off the toxins.
  4. Then eat whatever the f!@# you want and repeat…

These steps are for those who CAN’T give up their conventional foods but want to release the unwanted weight. We understand that it’s extremely challenging to go completely cold turkey on your favorite pizza, hamburgers and sugary drinks. So we want to give you a break and allow the system to give you an extra hand to assist in your transition to a healthier solution.

We also want to reemphasize the importance of the 80/20 rule.

80 percent of your physical body results comes from 80 percent of your diet. That means, no matter what you say to yourself or others about TRULY “eating healthy”, your body is a bigger snitch that will let YOU know the deal. This is why we want to drive home how what you put IN your body is more important than working out on just fumes. Putting the correct nutrients in your body allows you to use leverage in order to no longer kill yourself in the gym, but allow your body to respond to the nutrients, watch AND feel the miracle that it is.

To put it in prospective let’s look at it from a rich vs. poor view: the laws of supply and demand says that 90 percent of wealth will always be directed to, and controlled by 10 percent of the population. Wonder why?

It’s about the mindset. 10 percent of the world’s population use leverage of their mind and other resources to build their wealth. Then they’re inspired to start a business, and let 80 percent of the population run it for them.

So 80 percent of results shows up on the 20 percent that use leverage of their minds and other resources (potent organic nutrition) to build up their physical form. Then they’re inspired to start their workout, and calculate their sessions to get the best out of each workout and let 80 percent of the population kill themselves trying to meet YOUR expectation.

I know, I was there. And I can tell you, I used to eat majority fast food. I realized how much money I spent at the drive thru without knowing. I had no idea where all my money went because it was in my stomach. And it sure didn’t give me a return on my investment, but it sure helped THEIR bottom line. So when I started using this system, all I did was take what I was throwing out, and redirected it to this solution. And I have paid myself back 1000% fold, so profitable that if I was a single stock in the S&P 500, everyone with mutual funds could retire today.


Along side of achieving your ideal body weight, you can also make some extra income on the side. So not only do you solve your weight issue once and for all, but so does your bank account.

Unlike most weight loss companies, we pay you to be healthy when you share your experience with your friends, families and others who are pleasantly surprised by your results which you will get if you follow the quick and easy steps.

To give you a sneak peek on B&As, research, where it’s sourced, and why we’re helping people UN-Diet while going against the weight loss grain, click the links below for more information on how we can get you started in FINALLY  repairing your telomeres FIRST……and THEN releasing YOUR UNWANTED WEIGHT!

STEP 1: It’s Time To Support Your Telomeres And Repair Your Cells

STEP 2: Let’s Get Your Cells Fed With The Proper Nutrition Now

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TEFitness LIVE! is a fierce proponent of the free market, motivational speaker, business and philosophical coach. He’s known to challenge the status quo of life’s conventional wisdom that he believes robbed today’s generation of achieving the optimum health and wealth that they were born with. Getting people healthy first, then growing their wealth is important to his mission and is rapidly increasing a following in multiple countries around the world. Find TEFitness LIVE! on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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