The 10 Deadliest Foods In Your Kitchen

6. Raw Honey

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Because it doesn’t go through the pasteurization process in which harmful toxins are killed, unpasteurized honey often contains grayanotoxin. That can lead to dizziness, weakness, excessive sweating, nausea, and vomiting that last for 24 hours. Typically just one tablespoon of concentrated grayanotoxin can cause the symptoms above. Consuming multiple tablespoons would be a bad idea.

Toxic Hungr: So Let Us Get This Straight; Raw Honey Is A Natural Antioxidant. Pasteurization Requires Heat. Heat Destroys The Natural Molecules Of A Food. So When The Body Receive A Natural Nutrient BEFORE Being Heated, It Detoxify Itself. When The Body Detoxifies, You Feel Some Symptoms. So…..- 0mwe

7. Tomatoes

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The stems and leaves of tomatoes contain alkali poisons that can cause stomach agitation. Unripe green tomatoes have been said to have the same effect. You would need to consume vast quantities for it to be fatal. Not exactly high-risk, but you might avoid eating tomato leaves.

Toxic Hungr: Besides Fried Green Tomatoes, We Can’t Make Fun Of This One For An Excess Of Anything Can Possibly Be Fatal. Everything In Moderation.

8. Tuna

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The danger in tuna is the mercury that the fish absorbs. Once in your body, mercury will either pass through your kidneys, or travel to your brain and supposedly drive you insane. The FDA recommends children and pregnant women do not consume tuna at all. While it’s unlikely that eating a massive amount of tuna in one sitting will kill you, it’s a good idea to monitor your weekly intake. Click here to visit the Environmental Working Group’s tuna calculator to see how much is recommended.

Toxic Hungr: Because Tuna Contains Mercury And Should Be Avoided, Does That Recommendation Also Go For Mercury-Laced Vaccines? Hey Just Askin…

9. Cassava

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The leaves and roots of cassava are surprisingly rich in cyanide. By this point, we may as well wish cyanide were the most delicious, sumptuous substance on the planet if we had to die to enjoy a bite… there is not much in the way of flavor, though. Cassava is a tropical vegetable originally from South America, but has gained popularity in Africa, particularly for its juice, which can be fermented to produce a drink called piwarry.

Toxic Hungr: Our Thing Is, If This Vegetable Or Fruit Is So Fatal, The South Americans And Africans Must Have One Hell Of An Immune System.

10. Cashews

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Raw cashews you might find in a supermarket are not actually raw, as they’ve been steamed to remove the urushiol, a chemical also found in poison ivy. This chemical can cause the same effect as poison ivy, or poison oak. High levels of urushiol can supposedly prove fatal. People who are allergic to poison ivy are likely to have a fatal allergic reaction to eating actual raw cashews.

Toxic Hungr: What’s Your Thoughts On This One?

Source: Fox News

Toxic Hungr’s Take:

We believe everything in moderation. We also believe that anything that nature intended was put here for a reason to nourish the body. We also understand that for millions of years the human species and civilizations has survived on eating the above fruits, vegetables and nuts from raw forms in order to provide nutrients to their body.

Through auto suggestions given to people who don’t think about what they’re consuming, they have allowed other influences to steer them in ways of what to consume and how much. So the last thing we want to do is tell you what you should do with your body or what kind of foods to consume.

We hope that you not only read this article and its content  and see it as face value, but see the information above and determined if it resonates with your own personal experience of consuming them. Regardless of their affect, whatever you believe the foods above will hurt or help you is totally up to you.

So what’s your thoughts on this? Please share below…

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