Here’s why Wendy’s burgers are square

Wendy’s has a very real reason for keeping its burgers square — but not as square as they used to be.

The square burger, with the corners sticking out of the bun, allows customers to see the quality of Wendy’s meat, reports Thrillist.

Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas “wanted to make sure that the patty sticks out of the bun so that everyone can see it, see the juiciness,” Frank Vamos, director of brand communications for the company, told Thrillist.

Plus, there’s a more symbolic reason. The square burger represents a fast-food chain that refuses to cut corners, according to Vamos.

Wendy’s square burgers have become an iconic part of its brand. However, they aren’t quite as square today as they were five years ago.

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While Thomas intended the square burgers to highlight the quality of its meat, for a period of time the square shape was having the opposite effect.

When Wendy’s merged with Arby’s parent company Triarc in 2008, the company conducted extensive taste tests and reexamined the entire menu. The company found that customers saw the burgers as overly processed because of their shape, reports Time.

So, in 2011, the company released a revamped burger, with a buttered bun, thicker patty, and a rounder “natural square” shape.

Article source: Kate Taylor, Business Insider Australia


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