The FDA Is Still “Trying” To Figure It Out

The Food and Drug Administration is considering changing the definition of “healthy,” at least for how companies use the word.

You know, how they use the word “all natural” and “sugar-free”? OH, and the famous “Fat-Free” and “Diet?” Yeah, something like that….

This comes after the administration faced criticism from a health food company. KIND argued current regulations let sugary foods with “empty calories” be advertised as “healthy,” while overlooking nutrients experts say are actually healthy.

A big sticking point for critics is the FDA’s regulations around how much fat can be in a “healthy” product. This means foods that have more fat from ingredients like nuts can be passed over.

“Nutrient-rich products like a KIND bar or products made from almonds or salmon … cannot be considered healthy even though they are products that are recommended by the dietary guidelines,” the CEO of KIND told CBS.

Well, well Mother Nature, Mother Earth…how do you feel about that? How do you feel about man (FDA) not recognizing a product they haven’t perverted yet as healthy?

How about the consumer sayingHMMMM, this taste healthy to me, so it’s healthy–because I like eating it, it’s almonds, it’s grown out of the ground, and I don’t need the FDA to remind me that I don’t have common sense to not know that‘.

The company announced Tuesday it has received permission to use the word on its packaging, but it’s still advocating for a revision of the FDA’s definition.

Again, I don’t mind eating a “KIND” bar, and they don’t have to do all that in order for me to know they’re healthy. But to each of their own…

The Wall Street Journal reports the FDA is planning to ask the public for input on just what “healthy” should actually mean.

How about the public tell the FDA it’s none of the FDA’s business how the public determines what their own body considers “healthy”. I find THAT less bureaucratic regardless what you put in your mouth. I think its best that KIND and other food companies do that for their customers instead of government. However, if the people depend solely on the FDA to tell them what to eat and what not to eat–to each of his/her own.

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Toxic Hungr’s Take:

We here at Toxic Hungr eat lots of nutritional supplements and “healthy” foods that’s NOT regulated or evaluated by the FDA….and the best part about all that? We don’t care if it was or not.

We love eating healthy. Most of our colleagues who also eat healthy eat most products “not evaluated by the FDA”, but they sure enjoy every bite and morsel of it. So what we’re saying is–it’s not going to make or break our healthy eating rather the FDA considers it healthy or not.

Healthy: any produce, fruits and meat that was grown out of the ground, and consumed what was grown out of the grown without any artificial feeding, ingredients and human interference–that delivers raw minerals and vitamins to the cells in order to maintain the vitality of the body.

That’s what “healthy” mean to us. Thankfully, the FDA wasn’t involved in any of those ten seconds.


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