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FDA Crackdown On Nature?

Massive FDA crackdown coming on natural product companies: New FDA head Robert Califf to unleash sweeping nationwide surprise inspections under 2011 FSMA law

Following the confirmation of new FDA head Robert Califf, I have been told by people in the legal field with close ties to FDA staffers that the FDA is planning to ramp up a wave of inspections and crackdowns targeting natural product companies.

This sweeping crackdown assault, I’ve been told, will be invoked under the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), which was aggressively pushed into law following a series of highly suspicious outbreaks of E.coli and salmonella in food products in 2010. These outbreaks were widely publicized by the mainstream media which obeyed its propaganda marching orders from the government to whip up a frenzy of irrational fear over all fresh food. From that fear, the political establishment passed the FSMA and Obama signed it into law on January 4, 2011.

I really want to emphasize the words “mainstream media”, because there’s a reason why they are “mainstream”. Media is a business, and their business are in ratings. That means, ratings come from people who voluntarily turn their TV sets on in order to see whatever propaganda the media spews out–AND, agree with that propaganda. So what’s propaganda?

In my own personal opinion based on experience, propaganda is believed when the viewer or listener is hearing or watching about someone else from another source and accepting that information as truth instead of getting both sides of the story. Therefore, many people I know who are TV addicts will believe everything the FDA tells them about anything because it requires the mind to think in order to scale back and see the other side of the story. For, if anyone choose o think for themselves, the TV set would be extremely lonely.

So question; is this law conjured up by the FDA from some invisible force of evil government agents? Or, is the FDA only reacting to the fear the “mainstream” audience believe is what the media is telling them?

In other words, is the FDA doing the brain dead audience of mainstream media a favor by “targeting” the food source of people who CHOOSE to think for themselves in order to shut them up about their so-call “healthy living”?

FSMA to bankrupt small businesses by requiring pharma-level manufacturing practices

The FSMA essentially requires all nutritional supplement, herbal formula and superfood companies to adhere to many of the same quality control procedures as multi billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. The FDA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines describe these measures and have been the law of the land* since the signing of the FSMA. Yet most small supplement and superfood companies are nowhere near GMP-compliant due to the extraordinary costs of compliance. (Our own operation is GMP compliant, which is why I am intimately familiar with the extreme costs of compliance and the mountain of paperwork that must be produced to achieve this compliance.)It is this non-compliance with GMP and FSMA that the FDA is now planning to use as a regulatory weapon in nationwide, sweeping shut down of natural product companies, I’ve been told.

Toxic Hungr’s Take:
Not trying to get involved with politics here, but from day one we’ve always looked at the federal and state government agencies as the direct reflection of the American people. The American people vote with their dollar when they purchase goods and services, therefore any kind of financial backing the FDA has comes from somewhere. It’s been alleged that the FDA is owned by corporate interest. Well, corporate interest use lots of money–they get that money from somewhere–the question is who?
The consumer of course. Nothing good or bad about that, there’s nothing right or wrong with you purchasing a product you wish to buy freely. But you got to remember, you vote with your dollar every single time you purchase a good or service. When you purchase a product from that company, you are agreeing with any tactic they have in mind including using these so-call “draconian” moves. It’s even been told that regarding the War on Drugs, when you go to the doctor and request a perscription of a synthetic drug from big pharma, you are contributing to the mass incarcerations, covert warfare, and illegal drug laws created to violate numerous rights of citizens all over the world. Again, that’s an allegation, but with the term ‘you vote with your dollar, could it be true?
As a consumer, do you research the products you buy? Are you contributing to this massive tactic by the FDA?
If you do not agree, have you thought of ways of supporting industries aimed to promote natural foods?
Again, there’s nothing right or wrong on what you buy, however just like energy, the more money you spend on, the more you get of. The FDA’s power only exist with you, however the more we get a better understanding of nature, organic nutrition and the power of the human body, the less power the FDA has.
*According to our research, The law of the land can reference to one or the other, the United States Constitution which does NOT give the federal government power to interfere with industries and markets. The other option is the United States Code which contains thousands of pages of rules and regulations covering everything from personal lifestyles to a woman’s right to choose regarding her body, which DOES give the federal government that power. Again, that’s based on our research.

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