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Are Americans Eating Themselves Insane?

Causes of Mental Insanity Identified in Factory Foods…

As I always say you are what you eat…..Do you eat lab created food or Organic?

Is there anything we can do to eliminate toxins from the body safely?

Is humanity driving itself insane with relentless chemical contamination and heavy metals pollution?

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The real reason society is so incredibly insane at every level is rooted in the consumption of toxic heavy metals through food, water and other environmental sources. It’s exacerbated by the poisonous heavy metals being fed to factory farmed chickens (and other animals) whose poop is harvested and spread on soils that are used to grow foods for humans. Once humans eat the contaminated food that’s laced with lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, their own feces is “recycled” and turned into “bio solids” that are placed back onto commercial farm lands as “fertilizer.”

This cycle of metals accumulation results in a steady rise in the concentration of toxic substances in our environment and foods. As people consume these foods (and other toxic substances such as mercury in dental fillings and fluoride in municipal water supplies), they are driven to the brink of madness.

It is these people who are now the voters, the politicians, the media personalities and the decision makers. The modern world of western civilization has literally gone insane, much like the Roman Empire which fed its own people water that was, unbeknownst to them, poisoned with lead.

The lead in the water of Flint, Michigan only worsens the problem… and it’s not just Flint, either. I’ve found that nearly every state government in America routinely covers up the toxicity of public water, and the EPA is also heavily engaged in suppressing the scientific truth about lead in municipal water supplies.

As a result, Americans are drinking toxic lead at alarming concentrations, and they’re eating arsenic, inhaling mercury and consuming significant concentrations of cadmium from other food sources that I’ll be detailing this year in my new, expanded lab facility.

Why You want to Nutritionally Cleanse…..

We can never avoid ALL Toxins, therefore it is essential to release these toxins from the body safely.

Does it work?  Follow Christine’s journey and find out!
Content Source: Natural News
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