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We are fully aware that many people are being affected by the mass quarantine that is happening across the country and all over the world due to the current situation. This is indeed unprecedented, something that is very new, and quiet frankly, can be very scary and stressful to not only those who are affected health wise, but also those who’s jobs are being affected as well. Incomes and standard of living is being affected in astronomical proportions that can also affect the health and well-being of those affected. Our team is working nonstop (mostly at home) to keep you informed on what we’ve scientifically and energetically known to be more affective for you NOW so that you can come out of this more informed and victorious, and you can have your focus on point to help lead your family and/or those who depend on you to be on your A-game when it’s all said and done.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • The “CV” Controversy, and WHY we will not mention the official name of the virus.
  • Our condolences to those we lost.
  • Covering the virus based on the difference between the media and true journalism.
  • Our issue with MOST conspiracy theories, not all.
  • The difference between being truly informed, and being entertained.
  • And how our thoughts affect any outcome.


First off, we are aware of many conspiracy theories surrounding the “CV” topic, as well as the “doom and gloom” scenarios being touted by both conspiracy theorists, as well as mainstream media, the cdc, WHO, and other formats. However, let us make it known and be aware of the reality that a lot of people are becoming affected by this. We chose to use the term “CV” so as to not continue putting energy in this issue due to a massive consciousness and emotions behind it, and attached to it – however it is affecting millions of employees all over the world including the United States. We’re continuing to get updates on what’s going on regarding the situation which…despite what the media is saying…does look very bright!

To Those Who Lost A Loved One During These Challenging Times

We would also like to take this moment to give our deepest condolences and loving prayers to all of those who have lost loved ones due to health-related complications. We have experienced transitions from physical form to spiritual form of our own loved ones as well and we know first hand the emotional turmoil, and the mourning process to lose a loved one from health issues. We would like to encourage you by saying that our loved ones who have been affected by it, succumbed by health issues, as well as your loved ones are in a better place without suffering where they are assisting us in a much higher place. It is up to us to honor their life by focusing on the truth of this entire situation regardless of what the media sells us to believe, and what the majority of the masses want to force us to believe. For if we never question the real reason behind their passing, we are doomed to repeat another without getting to the root of it.

In addition, we would also like to reinforce the reality of how many health issues ranging from synthetic chemical allergies genetically grown on or in foods, environmental pollutions, to even sexual-related bodily fluids with certain diseases can also cause flu-like symptoms, and how important it is that we do not dismiss these factors which can be included into the current situation at hand, and how these symptoms also affect the immune system depending the chemistry of the individual and their body which varies.


First order of business is to know the difference of the influence behind what the media is, which model is influencing you and your behavior and belief, and the difference between the two based on their business model. One says “if it bleeds, it leads”, and the other says “follow the money”.

Whether you agree with it or not, it is a business. It is BIG business. And the stories they present to you is very, very, profitable.

There is ALWAYS a financial motive behind ALL mainstream media stories and headlines including this pandemic. So know this regarding the media, as well as the corporate influence of certain government agencies including the CDC, the FDA, the USDA, and the Treasury among others.

This is NOTHING AGAINST the media, they’re doing their jobs, they’re doing what they are paid to do, and the viewers that watch them watch it voluntarily based on their choice of what to watch. They also have the choice to believe everything they watch and hear on the news which is corporately influenced. We do not see this as “corruption”, but an example of a product in high demand that can influence the masses. We do find it quiet interesting that when almost everyone all over the world is stuck at home, and bored if they’re not creating or staying physically active, have only one choice to do…watch TV.

Unfortunently, the fear-based news around the issue is causing lives to be affected, uprooted, and financially challenging — and this is NOT the first time. Whether this is serious or not, it is in the best interest of the media and their shareholders to sensationalize and hype events that does have a possible win-fall to those who are looking to capitalize off of this pandemic. Whether this is overblown, exaggerated and “hyped-up” or not, we must ask ourselves; if the media is known to over blow, over-exaggerate, and sensationalize stories since the Operation Mockingbird revelation, what make THIS situation any different? Is this a true story THIS time?

Regardless of any story the media push, the real life scenario of its affects is NOT a hoax or conspiracy theory, this pandemic WILL bankrupt a lot of people, but it will also make a very few – who listens to their guidance, and stay focused on their “John 10:10” spiritual credit cards – a lot of money.

This is basically saying that famous Charles Dickens quote “It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times”, which is the duality of life. How you see THESE TIMES RIGHT NOW is also up to you and the information you resonate with.

And we know what happens to YOUR wellness journey when you allow certain information into your mind depending on your vision of what you desire in life REGARDLESS of what the outer limits of the world is presenting to you — or — you succumb to the information surrounding you and not knowing what’s going on. In other words, the virus itself is NOT the issue anymore, it is economic affects after. This can affect their health and mental stability.

With that said, we are aware of the money and financing behind the information most are receiving from mainstream “and some alternative” media. What we want you to be aware of is not to be “conspiratorial”, but looking at this whole thing from a journalistic perspective to know that every news media, regardless of your interest or distaste of it, has a financial interest in everything they cover, and what YOU believe.

Know also that there will be things they will NOT tell you, but will sell to you if there’s a financial interest behind it. This can be from them telling you who or what NOT to read, watch or pay attention to regarding this or other situations, to which website to go to in order to get “the facts” about this whole phenomena. This sounds like an abusive partner telling you what to look at and what not to look at or else, and society is an accomplice. That is engineering a fact that you can not personally verify. When they do this in a massive scale on the 6 o’clock news, this is social engineering 101.

Regardless of which, we want you to know this so that you know where to go from here.

Conspiracy Theories

We’d also like to address the “told you so” scenario of a lot of “doom & gloom” conspiracy theorists. Yes, there are those who have prepared with good intentions based on their distrust in the government in which they have a good reason not to. Many of them have been called “tin-foil-hat” wearers from skeptics. It is ironic that they are now been sought out for advice on how to handle this pandemic from the naysayers. We honestly see that as ironic ourselves. But, we also ask those who live solely by “the sky is falling” doomsday principle; let’s say you are right about all of this and we’re all doomed to be slaves of the “new world order” global elite agenda and YOU were able to escape it. 

Then what? What’s next according to you? Would life be still worth living if everything is a prison? How long are you planning to ride it out? And if you do ride it out, what’s next? What do YOU want to happen to the world when the dust settles? And if this is the dooms day you’ve been warning about, would it be a good idea to bring a child into this world?

What we’re asking here is this; according to John 10:10, the thief comes to do EXACTLY what you and millions of people are feeling right now. You might feel like your hard work is “stolen” from you, that the government is ready to “kill” you and your family for de-population control, and “destroy” your way of life. To be honest, we have seen first hand how most consumers are doing a better job in the depopulation process than what the “powers-that-be” originally planned, if what we consume and eat is already killing us at wholesale.

On the contrary, the other side says that “I’ve come to give life and more abundantly” regardless of the situation around you. The question to ask here is — which one do YOU resonate with? And does that scripture cancels out because of this pandemic FOR YOU? It seems to us that preppers and conspiracy theorists was looking forward to the thief, and promoting this thief’s job and agenda by having YOU AND US to look out for the small “false flags” here and there to prepare for the police state. This heightened during September 11, 2001, especially during the “Anthrax” scare soon after, followed by the economic collapse — what a great way to start the new millennium and decade.

What we see here is the energy surrounding the “police state” and quarantining, asking you for your papers, requiring invasion of privacy in the name of convenience, all were “prophesied” or predicted in order to support the “Revelation” like scenario of the end of days. These events was thought of, sought after, and believed in the most thickest ways, even with millions of people believing the government was really “up to something” after those towers fell. Even if the government could careless to impose martial law on its own citizens, the THOUGHT, the ENERGY IN MOTION, put it out into the universe that it WILL happen, therefore, so shall it be. Even if it costs thousands if not millions of lives and even cause civil unrest in the process, there are those who are adamant on being “right” — especially if that means all hell is breaking lose.

Could this be part of the whole “the heart of man and all of his ideas are exceedingly wicked(Jeremiah 17:9)” scenario?

What does this have to do with the media?


This is why most of what they share with you is a STORY, and not informative data or facts based on actual evidence – which, and let’s be honest, is NOT sensational or sexy. Nothing wrong with entertainment, entertainment has a job of conjuring up your emotions through storylines and “he say/she say”. But KNOW WHEN you are being entertained apart from being informed. When you superimpose these stories into your own life at a point where you’re re-enacting these stories, and it’s causing you grief, stress, aggravation and anger, it’s no longer entertaining to you, and it’s lowering your quality of life and peace of mind. Wouldn’t you say THESE TIMES are affecting your quality of life and peace of mind?

Toxic Thoughts Creates A Toxic Environment, Community, Country And World.

In closing, there IS hope despite what you might be reading or hearing on the news, there are those who are living their best life, and enjoying life the way it was meant to be RIGHT NOW; stress free, abundant and healthy. It is a totally different life based on your perception of life, and your attitude towards it. So we here at ToxicHungr is asking you to join us in knowing that a life like that exist, and it can exist for you and your family.

When we talk about “toxic” or “toxicity”, most think of things like this situation, or germs, bacteria, toxins from industrial waste. But what we want to touch on is the single most devestating toxin that we don’t know that’s around us. That one toxin is…


What we think about can affect our livilhood, our income, our relationships, our sex life, our careers, our body and it’s condition, and the list goes on!

Our thoughts produce attitude or gratitude.

Our thoughts welcome pain or pleasure.

What you think about becomes you, and when you think less of you, you’re producing MORE toxicity.

This then move you to “nouns” (people, places, things, ideas) and information that will match that toxicity, and therefore you react to the only information you know. Then it becomes a nonstop hamster wheel, not knowing how to escape, therefore, life start to “suck then you die”, and of course, the “only sure thing in life is death and taxes”, and the list goes on.

The problem with these sayings highlight an identity crisis. They’re saying “life”, but that’s a toxic oxymoron. The last time we checked, LIFE was given to each and every last one of us more abundantly according to our Creator, or software maker, alien species, whatever you believe created you.

The point is, you were born into abundance. Otherwise, your mind would not even concieve having and experiencing more. It’s not “normal” to want abundance, wealth and your version of success, but it is NATURAL. And trust us when we say, there’s a BIG difference between the two.

What we want you to do during these times is get information that resonates with your abundance and what you really desire. But first, it will require detoxification first MENTALLY and SPIRITUALLY, then, we can work on the physical. It’s important that when we say “mind over matter”, we must heal the mind first….to heal the matter. Therefore, you can focus on and take care of what matters to you the most.

Thank you. TH

The Fat Diminisher
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